SMHI recruits Professor of Oceanography

To further strengthen and profile SMHI's expertise in oceanographic research, the position of Professor of Oceanography is now advertised. With a focus on climate effects and other anthropogenic impacts on the ocean, operational oceanography and data assimilation or biogeochemical and physical processes and their impact on the marine environment, the professor will be a key player in the work for an ocean in balance and for a safe and sustainable society.

Helén Andersson, SMHI's Head of Research and Development on the open position: Professor of Oceanography (subtitles in English).

“A high level of scientific expertise is a prerequisite for successful research. We already have outstanding research and now we will further strengthen our expertise by hiring a professor of oceanography,” says Helén Andersson, head of SMHI's research department.

Links to SMHI's oceanographic research

“We are looking for applicants who can both strengthen and profile our activities internationally, and develop our collaboration with universities and colleges. We want our professor of oceanography to have a research focus that fits well in SMHI's activities and that connects to the research and model development conducted at SMHI's oceanographic research unit today,” says Helén Andersson.

These include understanding large-scale ocean processes, climate change and other human-induced impacts on the ocean. But also, operational oceanography where observations are used to improve forecasts of water levels, waves, currents, plankton blooms and dispersion calculations - and studies of various biogeochemical and physical processes.

Appointment during the year

The deadline for applications is 15 March 2024 and the appointment process is expected to take approximately 12 months from advertisement to decision on appointment as professor.

Expert authority with professors

SMHI is an expert authority in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate. All of the agency's activities are based on science. SMHI's research department has 140 employees working on applied research, method and model development.

In 2017, SMHI's instructions were updated to allow the agency to employ a professor in each subject area. So far, SMHI has appointed two professors: Erik Kjellström, professor of climatology and Berit Arheimer, professor of hydrology.