Projects within meteorological research

SMHI meteorological research unit is involved in many international and national projects and collaborations. Here you can find a selection of our on-going projects. 

A selection of on-going meteorological research projects: 

Automatic cloud analysis - the Nowcasting SAF project

The SMHI meteorological group is involved in the Nowcasting Satellite Application Facilities (NWC SAF) initiated by EUMETSAT. The NWC SAF derive and develop products for nowcasting and very short range forecasting.


BRIGHT: Advancing knowledge and tools for the adaptation of Swedish cities to heat.


BioDiv-Support: Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Climate studies of clouds, radiation and atmospheric water vapour - Climate Monitoring SAF (CM SAF)

The CM SAF project is generating, evaluating and archiving high-quality cloud products from satellite data. The products allow detailed analyses of cloud conditions and cloud properties, atmospheric radiation (radiation budget components at surface and at top of atmosphere) and the atmospheric …

MetCoOp – a state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction system

MetCoOp is a cooperation between SMHI, MET Norway, the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI and Estonia Environment Agency ESTEA. The primary goal of the collaboration is to provide a state-of-the-art operational short- and very short-range numerical weather prediction (NWP) …