CERISE – Research project to improve climate reanalysis and seasonal forecast systems

CERISE aims to enhance the quality of C3S climate reanalyses and seasonal forecast products.

The aim of this four-year project is to improve the quality of future C3S climate reanalyses and seasonal prediction products, with a focus on land-atmosphere coupling.

CERISE will develop new and innovative coupled land-atmosphere data assimilation approaches and land surface initialisation techniques to pave the way for the next generations of C3S global and regional reanalyses and seasonal prediction systems. These developments will be combined with innovative work to enhance the exploitation of Earth system observations over land surfaces.

CERISE will also provide the proof of concept and innovative diagnostic tools to demonstrate the feasibility of the integration of the developed approaches in the core C3S operational service.

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SMHI role in the project

SMHI will contribute to the development of the Copernicus regional reanalysis system in several ways:

  • SMHI co-leads the research on the design of the coupled land surface atmosphere data assimilation functionality to get the most from upcoming satellite initiatives.
  • SMHI also contributes to the implementation of the advanced multi-layer models to describe processes in soil and snow including ensemble-based land surface data assimilation.
  • SMHI will play an important role in validating the developments and will contribute with the expertise in hydrology to design of demonstrators.

Project partners

The project is led by ECMWF, with twelve project partners from Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark and Portugal.


The CERISE project is funded through the European Horizon Europe program (grant agreement No. 101082139).

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