Wind turbine filter for weather radar

The project will investigate the feasibility to implement a wind turbine filter into the signal processor of modernised weather radars.

Wind turbines near or in line-of-sight of a weather radar can have a negative impact on the radar's measurements. For this reason, few wind turbines are currently approved for construction near a weather radar. The goal of this project is to investigate the feasibility of filtering out the wind turbine interference.

The project will investigate the technical feasibility of implementing a wind turbine filter in a modernised weather radar. Raw data from wind-turbine-impacted radar cells will be recorded and analysed. To establish a proof of concept a simple wind turbine filter will be developed and implemented in a radar. The technical limitations of the filter will be investigated.

If the project shows that filters can be implemented a future wind turbine filter, of sufficiently high quality and which does not affect the other data collection, may be implemented in all 12 weather radars in the Swedish radar network.

Role of SMHI

SMHI is responsible for the entire project.

Funding and project period

The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and runs between 2016-2017. Contact: Anke Thoss.