Deliver data

This web page contains information on how to format and deliver data to the Swedish archive for oceanographic data. In the provided table below we present reporting templates covering multiple sampling approaches.

Follow these steps:

1.) Choose the appropriate template in the provided table below. We regularly make changes so always make sure to download the latest version.

2.) Fill in the template. Instructions and examples are embedded.

3.) Send data with e-mail to

We notify the deliverer upon receival with copy to orderer of data. We then perform quality controls and when necessary consult the deliverer concerning the data. After approved quality control data is packaged with potential changes made and published on SHARKweb and SHARKdata.

The following dataformats are accepted:
Part of program Description Reporting template
Pelagic Physical and chemical data from different depths. Chlorophyll concentrations (discrete depths) and low-resolution CTD data. Format Physical and chemical.xlsx (42 kB, xlsx)
' High-resolution sensordata (for example CTD- and MVP-data) Format Profile.xlsx (43 kB, xlsx)
' Chlorophyll concentrations (integrated depths) Format Chlorophyll.xlsx (55 kB, xlsx)
' Primary production (incubation method) Format Primary production.xlsx (33 kB, xlsx)
' Phytoplankton, Picoplankton Format Phytoplankton.xlsx (53 kB, xlsx)
' Zooplankton Format Zooplankton.xlsx (64 kB, xlsx)
' Bacterioplankton Format Bacterioplankton.xlsx (45 kB, xlsx)
' Sedimentation Format Sedimentation.xlsx (41 kB, xlsx)
Macrofauna soft bottom Zoobenthos Format Zoobenthos.xlsx (50 kB, xlsx)
Seal and eagle Grey seal and harbour seal Format Grey and Harbour seal.xlsx (47 kB, xlsx)
' Ringed seal Format Ringed seal.xlsx (42 kB, xlsx)
' Pathology in grey seal, harbour seal and ringed seal Format Seal pathology.xlsx (41 kB, xlsx)
Epibenthos Sampling of macro vegetation with dive/snorkel transect (general template) Contact SHARK
' Sampling of macro vegetation with DROPVIDEO Format Epibenthos dropvideo.xlsx (72 kB, xlsx)
' Sampling using squares along transects Contact SHARK
' Sampling using sections and squares along transects Contact SHARK
' Sampling of macro vegetation using MARTRANS

Contact SHARK

MARTRANS can export data according to our format

' Sampling of the depth distribution of macrovegetation Contact SHARK

If something is not clear or a deliverer wishes to send data that does not currently fit any format available in the table above please contact us: