Improved oxygen conditions in the Baltic deep water

, and considerably higher in the Hanö Bight and Arkona Basin. The high phosphate concentrations in these areas are most likely due to the upwelling of water from intermediate depths, as even salinity and silicate concentrations were higher than normal. This is a result of the inflow, which has replaced Last updated:

Drip Irrigation Linked to Weather Stations for Efficient Water Management

climate change, manifested by rainfall that features strong inter-annual, intra-annual and spatio-temporal irregularities. Faced with the effects of climate change, irrigation is a solution that enables the resilience of populations to be strengthened. With reduced water resources in arid and semi Last updated:

Water and Climate Change Services for Africa – Ethiopia (WACCA-Ethiopia)

A programme to strengthen the development of climate and water information services in Ethiopia (2017 – 2020). WACCA-Ethiopia is a capacity development project directed to the hydro-meteorological sector. It aims to address capacity gaps in water and climate information services by improving Last updated:

Water discharge

Water discharge data and related hydrological data.

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Increased water inflow affects the shallow coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean

"What surprised me most is that the increase in volume of water flowing from the Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean appears to affect the exchange between the Laptev Sea and the atmosphere more than the change in temperature," says Iréne Wåhlström, oceanographic researcher at SMHI. The water in the Last updated:

Evaluation and allocation of Water Resources: Application of the WEAP21 Model to the Upper Comoé River Basin

scenarios was taken from the KNMI Climate Explorer (2017) website. Several scenarios were modelled to assess their impacts on water needs satisfaction levels in the basin by 2100. The following results were obtained (see the figure below) Assuming an average temperature increase of 2°C by 2100 (RCP2 Last updated:

Tharcisse Ndayizigiye

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