Applikation workshop on Sea Level Rise, November 7-8 2019

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Climate Change & Greening of Water Financing in Kenya

, livestock, wildlife and tourism, especially in the arid and semi-arid land areas. This, in combination with the existing limited capacity to integrate climate change consequences into the country’s water sector financing and implementation framework inspired the choice of project topic. The work builds on Last updated:

SMHI develops European operational climate service for the water sector

information into a number of climate impact indicators, we reduce the gap between research and data on the one hand and between water resource managers and decision-makers on the other. It becomes easier and cheaper to include climate impact in the planning, and this can provide major benefits to society when Last updated:

A coupled ice-ocean model supporting winter navigation in the Baltic Sea. Part 1. Ice dynamics and water levels.

/93. In general, the results were most promising, but further work is needed, particularly the inclusion of thermodynamics to the model, a closer coupling between the ice-ocean model and the HIRLAM model, and the development of an automatic method for the generation of initial data to the model. Key words Last updated:

Climate studies of clouds, radiation and atmospheric water vapour - Climate Monitoring SAF (CM SAF)

from the AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) instrument onboard polar orbiting satellites and from the SEVIRI (Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager) instrument on the geostationary satellites. The following cloud parameters are covered Total cloud amount or cloud fractional cover Last updated:

Climate impact on water reservoirs to be studied in a new project

resources they provide to our society. Increased sediment can lead to losses in hydropower production or availability of water for drinking or irrigation," says Alena Bartosova, research leader at the hydrological research unit at SMHI. – We will integrate our hydrologic and sediment models with energy Last updated:

WaterWeb and the Swedish Coastal zone Model

The website contains open data from measurements, the hydrological model for Sweden (S-HYPE, ) and the Swedish Coastal zone Model (SCM model). Data in the WaterWeb are available for download. The SCM model is developed in close co-operation between the SMHI oceanographic research unit and the Last updated: