Water and Climate Change Services for Africa (WACCA Ethiopia) - phase 1

WACCA-Ethiopia Phase 1 was a programme to strengthen the development of climate and water information services in Ethiopia (2017 – 2020). WACCA-Ethiopia Phase 1 was a capacity development project directed to the hydro-meteorological sector. It aimed to address capacity gaps in water and climate information services by improving requisite skills for weather.

SMHI experts meet Ethiopian counterparts

The project will improve production and delivery of data, information and services from relevant Ethiopian authorities to key stakeholders and sectors within the country. The overarching goal is to contribute toward developing a strong and resilient infrastructure for providing credible and actionable weather and climate information for the people of Ethiopia, from decision and policy making to enhancing quality of life and ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the vulnerable population.

Work within WACCA‑Ethiopia focused on:

  1. enhanced capacity for meteorological and climate information services,
  2. enhanced capacity for hydrological and water information services, and
  3. enhanced cooperation between Ethiopian meteorological and hydrological service providers.