Hydropower production forecasts

Hydropower production forecasts

SMHI provides Montel with valuable weather data and has built a smart solution to forecast power production for renewable generation. The solution is built using machine learning, which delivers high quality predictions for plant operators. For hydro power production, we deliver two types of predictions: Inflow for reservoirs and Run of River (ROR) predictions for unregulated power plants.


With inflow predictions, power producers receive forecasts on how much water will flow into your designated reservoirs. Our predictions can be delivered Day Ahead, Intraday, or both, giving you the insight to know how much water is expected to flow into the reservoir for each hour, up to 7 days ahead.

Run of River Predictions:

Predicting power production could not be easier thanks to Montel AI’s machine learning tool. Montel deliver Day Ahead and Intraday prognoses directly to your API, or through their SFTP. The forecasts will show you just how much production to expect from your power plants for each hour, up to 7 days ahead.

Montel think testing new suppliers of prediction services should be easy too. With Montel AI, you can test our predictions free of charge to see how it can improve your existing forecasts.

To try our services we need to know the name and coordination’s of your powerplants and historical production data in machine readable format.

Please contact Henrik Sjöblom at SMHI or Petter Grunnreis at Montel AI to have a talk about how you can test Montel AI`'s services.