HYFO – support tool for decision making

HYFO is a customized visualization and information system with observations and forecasts that provides a good basis for decision-making in hydro-power production and water resources management.

HYFO is SMHI’s modern presentation system for hydrological and meteorological observations and forecasts. This web-based presentation tool is developed in consultation with our customers and can be tailored according to your needs and preferences.

More effective water regulation

The supportive visualization system provides refined hydrological and meteorological information with the aim to:

  • Provide comprehensive hydrological information for optimal water management.
  • Provide a thorough basis for the production of hydroelectric power and dam regulation  ensuring compliance with the applicable water legislation.
  • Reduce the risk of infrastructure failure.

User-friendly web tool

Data and forecasts are delivered and presented on a web-interface. HYFO is a user-friendly web tool which easily presents indicators you need for making decisions in your business. Hydrological forecast models can be set up with HBV and HYPE and can be calibrated for any sub basin. Simulations and forecasts of inflow, precipitation, temperature, snow etc. are available in form of maps, diagrams and tables.

HYFO diagram
Figure shows a selected basin and the river outflow. For each sub basin outlet point, a graph with observed and modeled flows is displayed. The graphs can be enlarged by clicking on them. Background map shows the modelled precipitation in the area. Enlarge Image

HYFO delivery includes the following products: 

  • Observations and reservoir levels from gauging station.
  • Observations and 10-day forecasts of precipitation, temperature and accumulated precipitation for different time periods from meteorological gauging stations.
  • Model-calculated historical 24-h and 9-day forecasts of precipitation, runoff, discharge, temperature, snow water equivalent, soil water retention, return periods and accumulated precipitation for different time periods.
  • Model-calculated historical 24-hour and 9-day forecasts for precipitation, runoff (inflow or discharge), temperature and snow presented in maps, tables and graphs, presented for modeled catchments around lakes or rivers of interest.
  • Combined presentation of own map layers, for example for reservoirs, power stations, etc.