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The European energy market is undergoing major changes. Climate change is accelerating change throughout society, where electrification and the abolition of coal power are driving the expansion of renewable energy. More renewable energy means an increasingly volatile market.

SMHI and Montel

SMHI and Montel have worked together since 2001 to provide power markets with tailored weather forecasting services and power market insights.

In 2016, Montel set up a new division to develop smart solutions for the power markets based on machine learning, a branch within the broader field of artificial intelligence (AI). Montel AI was born, and the cooperation with SMHI enabled cutting-edge product development with a European, and even global potential.

In 2017, Montel started, Energy Quantified, a solution for the power markets together with expertise from SMHI and based largely on weather and Hydro GWh data from SMHI.

The cooperation with SMHI has enabled the Montel group to churn through climate data and continuous weather forecasts, and then convert these into continuous production forecasts for hydropower, wind and solar plants.

Our products

EQ forecasts
Energy Quantified – Forecasts & fundamentals, data for trading
EQ forecasts
Energy Quantified – Forecasts & fundamentals, data for trading