Causes of water level drawdown on Lake Mweru Wantipa, Zambia

. The surface boundary of the lake was determined through GIS analysis.  Water level change was obtained from a staff gauge station at an interval of 48 hours. Water loss was then calculated using the water balance equitation with respect to the lake’s characteristics. 3. Water loss over a period of Last updated:

The effect of water density on sea level

Watercourses that run into the Baltic add fresh water, thus reducing the salinity of the sea. The density of fresh water is lower than salt water, which affects the sea level in the Baltic. Last updated:

Statistical forecasting of sea level changes in the Baltic.

interest, they are only of the order of a few centimeters . The same is probably true also for sea level changes due to variations in river discharge . The dominating factors influencing sea level are sur- face pressure and surface wind stress and since these can be predicted 2 to 3 days ahead, it should Last updated:

Sea level

20 measurement stations along the coast of Sweden. Climate change leads to increased water level The time series for sea level are long and therefore interesting from a climate perspective. An increase in atmospheric temperature can cause glaciers and land ice to melt faster than they build up, as Last updated:

Global sea level affects the level of the Baltic

Global warming has increased the volume of the world oceans. Land ice has melted and added more water so that the combined effect is a rise of 19.5 cm since 1870. The total increase in sea level since the most recent ice age (10000 years ago) is calculated to be 130 m. During the last 2000 Last updated:

Air pressure and sea level

Higher air pressure gives lower sea levels an increase in air pressure of 1 hPa lowers the water level by 1 cm. Last updated:

Sea level oscillations

station at Landsort is relatively central to the Baltic and so is not much affected by these oscillations. As a result, sea level measurements from Landsort are a good guide to the water level in the Baltic over longer time periods. Last updated:

Climate change scenario simulations of wind, sea level, and river discharge in the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren region – a dynamical downscaling approach from global to local scales.

Baltic Sea to the east. This study addresses also the question of how the water level in Lake Mälaren may be affected by climate change by incorporating the following three contributing components into an analysis 1) projected changes to hydrological inflows to Lake Mälaren, 2) changes to downstream Last updated:

Climate indicator – Sea level

, which means that more water is added to the oceans and the level rises. As the oceans warm, their volume increase due to thermal expansion. These two processes are the main contributors to sea level rise. Raised sea levels can have effects on coastal areas through, for example, flooding with damage to Last updated:

Iréne Lake

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