Local Assessment of Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Upper Thukela River Basin, South Africa - Recommendations for Adaptation.

on interactions between stakeholders in the Mhlwazini/Bergville area of the Thukela River basin, climate and water researchers from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg Campus) and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) during a series of workshops held in 2007 Last updated:

The new co-developed hydrological service SMHI Aqua is now available online for support on decision-making for water supply

meteorological and hydrological stations, including precipitation, temperature, discharge, water and sea levels. You can change background map and check the measured data in diagrams and table form. SMHI Aqua is presented in the demo with English and Swedish options but it can be set up in any language of choice Last updated:

Berit Arheimer appointed SMHI's Professor of Hydrology

SMHI's role as a relevant research actor at a high, international level,” says Helén Andersson, Head of SMHI's Research Department. Berit Arheimer also has a great interest in research communication, outreach and the use of research results in society, not least in international capacity development Last updated:

Scientific focus – Hydrology research

concerns (pollution, water status, environmental flows), dimensioning of infrastructure (return periods, statistics of extremes), and climate impact on all these issues. In addition, the general public receives information on the water cycle, both warnings and for planning recreation. The results are Last updated:

Waves and current conditions

variables such as temperature, salinity, water level and wind A few examples of previous projects form the basis of environmental impact descriptions (EIDs) the laying of gas pipelines off the west coast; wave and current statistics as a basis for searching for oil in the Baltic Sea and the simulation of Last updated:

Downscaling of climate scenarios and support for climate impacts and adaptation

messages? What level of uncertainties does bias adjustment (correction) introduce to regional climate information? How to provide an integral measure of uncertainty for the entire downscaling chain (global climate models / downscaling / bias adjustment / regional impact studies)? What is the spatial and Last updated:

Future seawater levels

seawater levels are specific to one area. To obtain a possible image of future seawater levels in Swedish waters we use the results from the latest IPCC report and from other relevant research. We also take into consideration the elevation of the land, which varies along the Swedish coast. Our assessments Last updated:


The RICCAR project objectives RICCAR aims to assess the impact of climate change on freshwater resources in the Arab Region through a consultative and integrated regional initiative that seeks to identify the socio-economic and environmental vulnerability caused by climate change impacts on water Last updated:

Grigory Nikulin

Research leader, Downscaling of climate scenarios to regional/local level and support for climate impacts and adaption work Last updated: