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assumed. Recent studies of land ice melting rates suggest that future sea level rise may be higher than the values reported in AR4. To investigate changing internal loads of phosphorus due to future changes in salinity. We will quantify the impacts on the ecosystem, bottom water oxygen concentrations as Last updated:

Inclusive capacity development by SMHI at World Water Week

between SMHI and West African counties. Following this were interactive audience engagement and interviews with SMHI partners in Niger, South Africa and India, moderated by Dr Lorna Little. The objectives of the showcase were to raise awareness of information and communication technology as a vehicle for Last updated:

Reduced spring flooding a result of climate change – may be counteracted through water regulation

compared to that resulting from climate change do not merely apply to Sweden. They are valid in all parts of the world that experience snow cover for some part of the year and which regulate their waterways for the purpose of energy production. Therefore, in order to carry out credible global analyses of Last updated:

Need for climate change adaptation in the Indian-Himalayan region to secure water supplies

targeting climate adaptation linked with changed water balance and hydro-climatic extremes. “Adaptation to a changed environment requires cross-sector cooperation at all levels of society. The local influence of actors involved in planning and decision-making is of course necessary, as well as considering Last updated:

Large-scale hydrological modelling ​ ​

. Insufficient knowledge can incur large problems for society (e.g. loss of lives and ecosystem services, damaged infrastructure, disrupted transportation, cuts in energy supply, reduced food production, release of untreated sewage to water bodies, and deterioration in public health). However, with accurate and Last updated:

Storm surges

be amplified due to resonance. As the anomaly grows it can propagate itself as a series of waves. When these meet the coast a storm surge occurs. Due to the large wave length and long wave period this behaviour is interpreted as a change in water level instead of as a wave. Last updated:

Introducing a new virtual water-science lab that supports open-source research

researchers to document their experiments via these records, so we need support from scientific journals and research councils in order to introduce this working method more broadly. The water-science lab will be used within the global research association IAHS (International Association of Hydrological Last updated:

How has water flow been affected by last year’s major forest fire?

‘This is a unique opportunity to study the interplay between forest and water. The 2014 Västmanland fire affected vegetation and the ground across a very wide area and there is now an opportunity to assess how the fire and the future recovery of the landscape will affect water flow’, says Johan Last updated:

Hydrology of the Baltic Basin. Inflow of fresh water from rivers and land for the period 1950–1990.


Type: Report
Report Series: RH 7
Author: Sten Bergström and Bengt Carlsson
Published: 1993
Last updated: