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clickable maps. By marking a body of water on the map, information is shown regarding The condition in the lakes, watercourses and coastal water for various parameters, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen and chlorophyll Nitrogen and phosphorous levels in each body of water Gross and net loads and Last updated:

Forecasts of freshwater availability for drinking water supply

The Municipality of Norrköping (Nodra) and Region Gotland have been the first customers to get access to daily updated forecasts of water level for their reservoirs, both for surface water bodies and for aquifers. Forecasts for water levels reach until six months in the future and are presented in Last updated:

Accessibility of Digital Water Globe

How accessible is the Digital Water Globe? We know some parts of this website aren’t fully accessible. See the section on non-accessible content below for more information. Description of content with known accessibility issues What to do if you can’t access parts of this website? If you need Last updated:

Model description of BIOLA - a biogeochemical lake model.


Type: Report
Report Series: RH 16
Author: Charlotta Pers
Published: 2002
Last updated:

Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources, and Developing Adaptation Measures

a serious strain on these resources in recent years. In order to deal with these adverse climate effects, it is essential to evaluate their extent at local level, i.e. down to subriver basin level. Description In this study, a simulation model for water flows in the basin of the study area called Last updated:

WMO: Global challenges with the water cycle

major water reservoirs saw below or normal inflow, which provides a challenge for providing water to all users in an increasingly variable climate.   Europe saw increased evaporation and decreased soil moisture and river flows during the summer because of a major heatwave and drought. This led for Last updated:

Aquaclew for better water services

. Using expert knowledge and/or new methods to optimize the use of climate and hydrological model ensembles, including climate change signals in calibration and validation of hydrological models, and excluding climate models that perform ‘poorly’ can increase robustness of data in climate services. Resolution Last updated:

Water and climate services

greenhouse gas emissions of sovereign states, and difficulty in assessing the impacts of current emission levels which could have significant consequences over a long time scale. These complexities need to be taken into consideration when making decisions, however many hydrological, meteorological and Last updated: