World Climate Conference 3 brings together top politicians, decision-makers and climate experts

Rummukainen, climate expert at SMHI. Most social areas affected The conference will focus on what information is needed to deal with climate-related risks in the best way on various sectors of society, including both climate variability and change. Among these sectors are agriculture, energy, water Last updated:

Towards operational hydrological forecasting in Botswana

definition on standard Operating Procedures. On-the-job training were intensified during the course of the project with focus on hydrological modelling and forecasting routines. DWA personnel explored several hydrological models and have also evaluated them to get the best for their conditions. A data link Last updated:

New reference system for sea levels

to establish a common observation network for sea levels. Within the project, technique for measuring and storing sea level information has been upgraded at all sea level stations. When the project ends in 2019, the network will include about 60 stations along the Swedish coast, all of which will Last updated:


-effect relationships between multiple levels through the use of integrative modelling. The alteration of ecosystem services related to the effects on socio-economic development will also be investigated. GLOBAQUA will contribute to improving water management practices and policies by taking into account the influence Last updated:

Future Climate

A changing climate affects us all, on all continents and the oceans. This page shows climate change scenarios at a county level in Sweden. Make your choices to see the result of. What happens to temperature and precipitation? Are there differences between different parts of the country? Last updated:

Long waves

These waves are mainly observed as variations in the sea level along the coast or when they meet the coast (tsunami). The speed of a long wave is governed by the depth, and they move faster over deep water. In a depth is 100 m, as found parts of the Baltic Sea, a long wave such as a tsunami would Last updated:

About the Hydrology Research unit

SMHI has a long tradition of operational hydrological modelling including forecasts of water discharge, fire hazard, design of dams and dam regulation routines, flood risk, water quality and substance transport and the effects of climate change on hydrology and water quality. Last updated:

Flood mapping

Flood mapping is based on an inventory of existing information for the area of interest. This is often combined with measurements of flows and water levels. Based on these measurements and hydraulic models we calculate water levels and water distribution at different extreme situations. We also Last updated: