About the Hydrology Research unit


SMHI has a long tradition of operational hydrological modelling including forecasts of water discharge, fire hazard, design of dams and dam regulation routines, flood risk, water quality and substance transport and the effects of climate change on hydrology and water quality.

Hydrologisk forskning 2023
The Hydrology Research unit at SMHI. Enlarge Image

The Hydrology Research unit is engaged in numerous research projects, commissioned work and continuous development of the SMHI work-flow for hydrological forecasts and assessments. The work is often user-driven and performed in collaboration with external partners in Sweden, Europe or other parts of the world. In addition, we produce Open Data from our computational systems and Open Source Codes for hydrological modelling.

The unit also always has a number of areas that are in scientific focus and you here can read more about the present challenges:

Forsande vatten vid vårflod i Mårdseleforsen