Water and Climate Services

to operate their business under the new climatic conditions. The actions from users can be both reduction of emissions (mitigation) and new practices or adjusted thresholds in their daily work (adaptation). By transforming raw climate and water data into key-messages, tailored information and Last updated:

Water quality deterioration

the USA, and other similar legislation across the world set environmental objectives for rivers and lakes and aim to achieve good quality status of these waters and to prevent their further deterioration. Improving water quality, implementing integrated water resources management, and protecting and Last updated:

Water protection areas

SMHI can provide data for the establishment of protection zones and safety regulations for surface water to supply safe areas for drinking water. An important point of departure for the delimitation of water protection areas in lakes and watercourses is to create a period of respite for emergency Last updated:

Urban Water Vision

This video has been shown at several conferences, for instance the World Water Week  in Stockholm 2011 (ThemeWater in an Urbanising World”) and at the EGU conference in Vienna 2015 (theme “A voyage through scales”). The original video is made for presentation inside a geodome, while this is the Last updated:

Observations of water exchange, currents, sea levels and nutrients in the Gulf of Riga.

exchange and the mixing in the two straits. These above mentioned indications together with some other strong environmental problems in the Gulf of Riga area, led the Nordic Council of Ministers to initiate the Gulf of Riga Project. The inter-disciplinary programme started with a process-oriented phase in Last updated:

Forest fire and impact on water supplies

Following the major forest fire in Västmanland in 2014, the Formas research council carried out a strategic initiative to investigate various aspects of the impact of a forest fire. SMHI and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) have conducted measurements of water supply and water Last updated:

Earlier spring peak of ground level ozone positive for vegetation

Changes in levels of ground level ozone have been analysed by researchers in a multi-year research programme. They can now ascertain that there is a trend towards a narrower overlap between the year’s maximal level of ground level ozone and the early growth period, which is positive. Last updated:

Workshop on sea level rise, November 7-8 2019

representatives from government agencies. The workshop offered a mix of research presentations, discussions and information from national and international experts on climate planning in relation to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and extreme sea level events. Programme Day 1 Welcome note and introduction on Last updated:

Application to workshop on sea level rise, November 7-8 2019

Welcome to express your interest in participating at Workshop on Sea Level Rise; IPCC SROCC Science and Planning for Climate Adaptation, November 7-8 2019, Vildmarkshotellet, Kolmården, Sweden. Please register your application here before 2019-10-06.  The conference fee is 2 500 SEK (including VAT Last updated: