Sea level indicates our changing climate

the world indicate rising sea levels, and this is confirmed by satellite observations. This accelerated rise in sea level is partly due to the expansion of the seas as they warm up (so-called thermal expansion) and partly due to the increased flow of water into the ocean from land-based ice such as Last updated:

Measurements in the air and water

Measurements in water Surface and bottom currents Wave height and wave period Water discharge rate in water level in watercourses and lakes Water samples and accredited measurement and laboratory analysis of environmental parameters, e.g. temperature, salinity, N- and P- nutrients, and Last updated:

Phospherous in a Biogeochemical Lake Model.


Type: Report
Report Series: RH 17
Author: Malva Ahlkrona
Published: 2002
Last updated:

A multi-level quasi-geostrophic model for short range weather predictions.

and the use of the vorticity and the thermo- dynamic equations in their complete form. It is shown that medels with a h vertical resolution have a significantly higher instability for meteorological disturbances of short wavelengths. In order to resolve this instability about 5 vertical levels Last updated:

Mean annual sea level

you know the amount of land rise for a year, you can calculate the depth on a chart for that year. The navigational charts sometimes indicate the actual sea level value for stations along the coast in relation to the annual mean sea level. Other countries use other reference levels. For example, the Last updated:

Land rise and sea level

In the Bothnian Bay the land is rising by 10 mm/year, in the Bothnian Sea by 6-9 mm/year, in the Baltic Proper by -1 to 5 mm/year. Over the last 100 years the sea level has “dropped” by 100 cm in the Bay of Bothnia. Several sea inlets have become lakes and many harbours are now on land. The Last updated:

The water balance of Sweden Annual mean values (1931-60) of precipitation, evaporation and run-off


The correction factors, which were proposed in an earlier report RMK 17 (1980) to be applied to measured precipitation amounts, have been used on the normal annual values for the period 1931-60. A map is presented, where corrected values from about 260 stations have been used for the analysis. …

Type: Report
Report Series: RMK 18
Author: Eriksson, Bertil
Published: Sep, 1980
Last updated:

LLF – Low Level Forecasts

The low level forecast is a forecast for flying according to VFR in Sweden. Detailed forecasts for ground winds, cloud coverage height, visibility and weather, along with wind and temperature at higher levels altitudes and the risk of turbulence and ice is presented in text format and in graphic Last updated:

Swedish coastal water bodies on Wikidata Combining WFD data with Wikidata

(focusing heavily on being a property describing lakes) this might confuse the reader since coastal water bodies don’t have a lake ID in the same sense as lakes do according to the Sjöregister (SMHI, 2013). Instead they have a havsområdesnummer which along with the prefix “SE” is used for WFD reporting in Last updated:

Numerical study of lake-land breeze over Lake Vättern, Sweden.


Type: Report
Report Series: RMK 48
Author: Wu Zengmao
Published: 1986
Last updated: