Results of a five year survey of the distribution of UREA in the Baltic sea.

forecasting medel for water cooling in the Gulf af Bothnia and Lake Vänern Norrköping 1984 Gidhagen, L Coastal upwelling in the Baltic - a presentation af satellite and in situ measurements of sea surface temperatures indi- cating coastal upwelling Norrköping 1984 Engqvist, A, Svensson, J Water turnover in Last updated:

Real-time modelling and forecasting of temperatures in the Baltic Sea.

meteorological forecasts. Key words I Baltic Sea, modelling, water temperature, sea ice. Supplementary notes ISSN and title 0283 - 1112 SMHI Reports Oceanography Report available from SMHI S-601 76 NORRKÖPING Sweden Number of pages Language 28 English SMHI HOf A. Omstedt/kuy 1 1990-09-13 REAL-TIME MODELLING AND Last updated:

Eutrophication Status Report of the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea: A model study. Present and future climate

An ensemble of models has been used to assess eutrophication in the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the present and the future climate, using a method suggested in Almroth and Skogen (2010). In the control run, the assessment of eutrophication status according to the integration of the categorized Last updated:

Numerical study of lake-land breeze over Lake Vättern, Sweden.


Type: Report
Report Series: RMK 48
Author: Wu Zengmao
Published: 1986
Last updated:

Statistical forecasting of sea level changes in the Baltic.

be pos- sible also to make predictions of sea level changes . Two different methods are available fo~ this purpose. One isa numerical finite difference model of the Bal- tic, forced by surface stress and pressure. The second isa purely statistical regression method. Both methods were tested for Lake Last updated:

About the Climate scenarios for the sea

., Dieterich, C., Meier, H. E. M., Schimanke, S. Thermal air-sea coupling in hindcast simulations for the North Sea and Baltic Sea on the NW European shelf, Tellus A, 67, 586-599, 2015. Hazeleger, W. and Coauthors EC-Earth A seamless Earth-system prediction approach in action. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 91 Last updated:

Sea surface temperatures in waters surrounding Sweden.

One of the sub-projects within the sea ice research programme carried out at SMHI deals with the thermodynamics of the sea and the ice. In these studies the sea surface temperature plays a fundamental r ole. During the latest years considerable efforts have been made in order to obtain more Last updated:

Baltic Sea Ice Code

The code is developed in cooperation between the countries around the Baltic Sea to provide a common terminology. Ice codes The general formula is AB SB TB KB. AB - Amount and arrangement of sea ice 0 - Ice free. 1 - Open water – concentration less than 1/10. 2 - Very open pack ice - concentration Last updated:

Consequences for the Baltic Sea

characterisation will continue in the future, but climate change could eventually affect the type of variation. Effect on plant and animal life We know that the conditions in the Baltic Sea, such as sea ice, oxygen, seal level and salinity will be changed by a warmer climate, but there is currently no reliable Last updated:

Sea level indicates our changing climate

going on. "The further into the 20th century, the faster the rise in sea level this acceleration has continued into the 21st century, though there is some indication that it has dropped a little in the last 6-7 years" says SMHI oceanographer Thomas Hammarklint. Reports from sea level stations throughout Last updated: