Helén Andersson is the new head of SMHI research

Helén Andersson has been appointed new head of the SMHI research department. Helén Andersson is PhD in oceanography and has a long experience as researcher, both from SMHI and University of Gothenburg.

Helén Andersson
Helén Andersson, head of the SMHI research department.

Helén Andersson has a PhD in oceanography from University of Gothenburg, and has worked at SMHI since 2009. At SMHI she has been researcher and scientific coordinator within the oceanographic research unit, before she was appointed head of the oceanographic research unit in 2015. Since April 1, 2018, she is head of the SMHI research department, with research in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, climate, air quality and atmospheric remote sensing.

Important research

"After many years as researcher I look forward to leading the SMHI research department and working with strategical leadership. The research department is a dynamic and highly international environment with many externally funded research projects. The sea is still close to my heart, of course, but we have a lot of very important research in all of our research fields," says Helén Andersson.

Benefit to the society

"Our research is supposed to be of direct benefit to society. I think it's inspiring to be close to the use of our research and much of the research helps society to achieve a sustainable use of nature's resources and the sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030. It is important for both us and future generations," Helén Andersson continues.

"I am very pleased to welcome Helén Andersson as head of the research department. She has long experience in research, from being part of SMHI and working with leadership at SMHI. Helén also has a wide network and important interfaces useful for all of us at SMHI," says Rolf Brennerfelt, Director-General of SMHI.

Lars Arneborg is appointed head of the SMHI oceanographic research unit from May 1, 2018.