Erik Kjellström takes up position of SMHI’s Professor of Climatology

Erik Kjellström is taking up the position of Professor of Climatology at SMHI. With a Professor of Climatology, SMHI is strengthening its research, increasing the focus on international partnerships and developing research in the field of regional climate modelling.

SMHI is strengthening and developing its research by employing four professors, one in each of its areas of expertise – meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climatology. The Professor of Climatology is the first to be appointed. The main focus of the position is to continue to increase knowledge of what controls the climate, how it varies and how it can be simulated using advanced climate models.

Strong asset for SMHI’s research

“A professor signals SMHI’s high scientific level in the climate field. Erik Kjellström possesses a high degree of scientific and educational competence. He also has tremendous experience as a scientific leader, both national and international. Erik is a strong asset in the continued strategic development of climate research that we’re carrying out at SMHI,” says Rolf Brennerfelt, Director General at SMHI.

Before taking up the post of professor, Erik Kjellström was docent and Head of the Rossby Centre at SMHI, working with climate research and the development and application of climate models. He is also adjunct professor at the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University. Erik has a solid research background and has been working on research at SMHI since 2003.

“It’s extremely important that society’s knowledge of the climate system and climate change continues to develop. The professorship gives us an opportunity to strengthen SMHI’s contribution to this knowledge and to increase collaboration with universities and research institutes in Sweden and internationally in the climate field,” says Helén Andersson, Head of the Research Department at SMHI.

“It will be stimulating to continue working with a focus on research into the climate and how it varies, and especially the link to extreme weather. That engages me, and it’s important not least for work on climate adaptation at both national and international levels,” says Erik Kjellström.

Activities built on a scientific basis

SMHI is an expert authority in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate. All of the agency’s activities have a scientific base. SMHI’s Research Department has just over 100 employees working on applied research, methodology and model development.

The professorship in climatology is the first to be appointed since the government updated SMHI’s instructions to allow the agency to appoint a professor in each of its four areas of expertise. The call for the professorship in climatology has been open and the appointment process included an external expert examination of the applicants’ qualifications.