Cyanobacteria bloom in the Baltic Sea – learn about the phenomenon

This year’s cyanobacteria bloom in the Baltic Sea has just started. The bloom is visible in satellite images from SMHI’s monitoring system ’Baltic Algae Watch System’. SMHI has also created a short informative film raising the awareness about algae and phytoplankton, and their role in the marine ecosystem.

SMHI carries out research about phytoplankton and algal blooms. Topics include biodiversity, harmful algae, climate change effects on harmful algae and cyanobacteria blooms in the Baltic Sea. 

Algae and algal blooms – the role of phytoplankton in our ecosystem
Source: SMHI

Funders of projects includes the Swedish research council Formas, EU Horizon 2020, EU ERA4CS, the Swedish Environmental Protection agency and Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwaM).