Oceanographic research at SMHI

The oceanographic research group at SMHI has expertise in a wide range of ocean science fields such as numerical modeling, remote sensing, marine biology and marine observations.

Our field of research in oceanography combines physical processes in the ocean with biogeochemical and other environmental processes. A lot of the research is focused on seas surrounding Sweden - Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak - but increasing interest is also paid to the Arctic Ocean and the North Sea.

Our main areas of research are:
Ocean Climate Research

Marine Environment Research

Operational Oceanographic Research

Research on oceanographic processes

Our results are used in numerous applications and products by governmental institutes, county administrative boards and the public, for example to combat oil spills, for shipping, for maritime rescue and for warnings on high or low water levels and algal blooms among others.

Other important areas were the results can be used are how to best fulfill the national environmental objectives, planning of adaptation and mitigation of future climate and environmental change in the marine system or as a decision making tool for water management.

Our main tools are numerical models, which are used to make forecasts, study processes or predict effects on marine environmental problems in the future. We also participate in projects developing marine monitoring systems and field experiments studying the Baltic Sea ice conditions.

We participate in numerous research projects in which we co-operate with other national and an international research groups.