ClimeMarine ART CONTEST for students from college, university, and adult education programmes

Create art and explore climate change impacts on the marine environment in Sweden.

ClimeMarine is a research project promoting the integration of climate change predictions in Marine Spatial Planning in Sweden. More information about the research can be found in Swedish or English.

ClimeMarine is organising an art contest for college and university students within its outreach activities. The performers will learn about climate change and ocean issues through art-making and creative communication and become advocates for environmental actions. ClimeMarine will use the winning illustration to communicate about the project and climate change.

Who can submit his/her illustration?

Students enrolled in Swedish colleges, universities, adult education programmes, from any nationality, and over 18 years old are invited to participate.

What is the prize and selection process?

The winner will receive a prize of 25 000 SEK (local taxes apply) and his/her creation will be used to communicate ClimeMarine and climate change in printed and digital format.

The copyright of the winning illustration will follow theCreative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) International Public License.

The jury consists of the ClimeMarine partners and user forum participants and the winning entry will be decided by majority vote.

What is the submission timeline?

Submission opens 8 June 2020, on the World Ocean Day. The art contest is part of the World Ocean Day 2020 actions.

Submission closes 31 AUGUST 2020.

Winner is announced 18 September.
NEWS from 09/09: Winner will likely be announced in week 39, i.e. between 21 and 25 September. 

What is expected?

    An easily accessible presentation of how climate change impacts marine spatial planning in Sweden and how it should be taken into account.
    Main issues are:

- How do we plan for the removal of the species we fish?         
- How do we plan for marine protected areas if the species we protect are gone?         
- How do we plan for new species that will move in?         
- How do we plan for seals, porpoises, and sea birds that might cease to exist in the region and new ones that will appear?         
- How do we plan for larger and more frequent toxic algae blooms?
- How do we plan for a sustainable use of our marine waters, so they can provide recreation, food, transport, and green energy to our children?
For more information, see the project research webpages in Swedish or in English

    Nice short cartoons, comic strip or illustrations, black and white or color, big or small, serious or humorous.
    It is required that the illustration corresponds to an A4 format.
    The picture elements and text should be large enough to be read without aids. 
    The text can be in Swedish or English (preferably one Swedish version and one English).
    The illustration must be the participants own, original artwork, produced during the contest period.
    See some examples (762 kB, pdf)

How to enter the competition?

  • Artwork should be scanned as a high resolution pdf format or photographed at high resolution setting (300 dpi, if possible). Do NOT send the original artwork.
  • Email the personal information listed below, the digital image of your artwork, and a copy of your student card to (maximum of two entries per person).

Name of school/college/university:
Email address:

Individual information is handled in a way that complies with GDPR, will not be distributed, and will not be kept passed the competition end (except the winner’s information).