BioDiv-Support: A web tool to plan for adaptation and damage control

We are developing a planning tool for evaluating vegetation change in mountainous regions for a range of likely future scenarios, covering changes to climate and air quality, socio-economic and policy development, and management practices.

Stakeholders and end users are being engaged to investigate which climate, air pollution and ecosystem indices are of most interest, as well as the design of the web service.

In the next phase of the project we will use high-resolution climate and air quality simulations, coupled with the dynamic vegetation model to estimate the changes in the mountain biodiversity and ecosystem services during the period 2000-2050. These results will be used to continue the development of the tool that will enable stakeholders to explore the potential impacts of these changes and develop strategies to mitigate and adapt to them, while considering the impact of other pressures such as tourism and grazing. A prototype of the web tool will be published on the project web page shortly. 

A first protoype of the BioDiv Support web tool is now available.