Open access to data for research and development

Open access to data is a prerequisite to progress for both research and development of new products and services. Research about weather, environment and climate is dependent on access to both observed and model based data. With access to data it is easier to understand recent conditions and to predict future conditions with less uncertainty.

Open access to SMHI data

Explore SMHI data available with open access. Information in English on Oceanographic observations, Model data (HIROMB BS01), Machine to machine – feeds, and Conditions of use.


Hydrology data for water flow, water circulation and transport of nutrients are available at Hypeweb. The web sites contain both observed and model calculated data. All data are free to use and download. Read more about the HYPE Data Delivery Services.

Climate Scenario Data

The Rossby Centre has produced a large number of climate simulations over recent years. They have applied the RCA4 regional climate model over a number of regions and downscaled a number of different Global Climate Models (GCMs) using different scenarios. This work has taken place as part of the WCRP CORDEX initiative on Regional Climate.  Climate scenario data and download information from the Rossby Centre.