Cruise report from R/V Svea week 2, 2024

Type: Report
Author: Lena Viktorsson


During the cruise, which is part of the Swedish pelagic monitoring program, Skagerrak, Kattegat, Öresund, and the Baltic Proper were visited. In the Kattegat, a limited mapping survey of nutrients was carried out through sampling from Svea's ferrybox. Nutrients and chlorophyll were analyzed in these samples. Among the mapping stations in the Kattegat, only the Kullen station was sampled with a full profile. Additional CTD stations were sampled in Arkona and the Bornholm Basin to monitor the inflow that occurred in mid-December.

The surface water temperature had decreased since December and was around 2 degrees Celsius, which is normal for January.

Nutrient concentrations had increased at several stations in the Kattegat and Skagerrak and were within the normal range for January. In the Baltic Proper, nutrient concentrations were also within the normal range and had not increased as much as in the western seas since December.

The oxygen situation remained poor, with oxygen deficiency from 50-60 meters and completely anoxic conditions from 70-90 meters. The inflow at the end of December had affected the oxygen concentration in the Hanö Bay and the Bornholm Basin.

SMHI's next regular cruise with R/V Svea is scheduled for February 7-14, starting and ending in Lysekil. Before that, SMHI will participate in SLU Aqua's IBTS Q1 from January 21 to February 4.