Cruise report from R/V Dana week 34-35, 2019

Type: Report
Author: Johan Kronsell


The expedition was included within SLU:s International Bottom Trawl Survey and covered the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. Four of SMHIs standard stations, Släggö, Anholt E, Fladen and P2, were visited during the expedition. The first and the last station each day were sampled at standard depth for oxygen, and the other stations were sampled for oxygen only at the bottom. 21 stations during the cruise had full oxygen profiles.

At the standard stations the surface temperatures were normal for the season. It varied between 17.2°C and 18.7°C, highest in the southern part of Kattegat. The surface salinity was above normal at Fladen, 28.2 psu, slightly above at P2 and normal at the other two stations. Oxygen conditions in the bottom waters of Skagerrak and most parts of Kattegat were good. In the south eastern parts of Kattegat oxygen levels below 3.5 ml/l where found at three stations. At Skälderviken the concentration at the bottom was 2.5 ml/l and in Laholmsbukten is was 3.2 ml/l.