Cruise report from R/V Aranda week 46, 2016

Type: Report
Author: Anna-Kerstin Thell


The temperature in the surface water was now normal or slightly lower than normal for the season. The salinity showed normal values except in the eastern part of Skagerrak, the Sound and the Gotland Deep (station BY15) where the salinity was above normal. The nutrient concentration in the surface water was below normal in the Kattegat and the Sound because of high plankton activity. In all other areas the nutrient concentration was normal or slightly above normal. The silicate concentration in the whole Baltic Proper continued to be highly elevated. In the Baltic Proper and the Gulf of Finland acute hypoxia was found from depth exceeding 60-70 meters depth. Anoxia (O2 = 0 ml/l) was found in the Western and Northern Gotland basin and Gulf of Finland from depth over 80-90 meters and in the Eastern Gotland basin from 225 meters to the bottom.