Cruise report from R/V Aranda week 43, 2014

Type: Report
Author: Lars Andersson


Water temperature in the surface layer was slightly above normal in the whole investigated area. Nutrients in the surface layer showed normal concentrations, except for elevated silicate concentrations in the western and eastern Gotland basin. In the western part of Skagerrak a thin layer containing very high concentrations of nutrients was detected.

The Arkona Basin was well oxygenated, while in the Bornholm Basin and Hanö Bight acute hypoxia occurred from depths exceeding 60 to 70 metres. Oxygen conditions in the eastern Gotland basin had deteriorated in the central parts, where acute hypoxia ( < 2ml/l) was found from 70 to 80 metres depth and anoxia from 125 metres. Nevertheless, in the southern parts of the eastern Gotland basin bottom water containing relatively high oxygen content was registered. In the western Gotland basin hypoxia was found from 70 metres depth and anoxia from below 80 metres depth.