Cruise report from M/V Aura week 41, 2017

Type: Report
Author: Martin Hansson


The stations in the Western and Eastern Gotland Basin could not be sampled due to delay caused by hard weather and technical problems with a winch. Totally six stations had to be cancelled.
In the Sound acute hypoxia was found directly below the stratification at 15 meters depth down to the bottom. Acute hypoxia was also found in Hanö Bight and the Bornholm Basin from depth exceeding 65 meters. Oxygen concentrations near zero were found from 75-80 meters depth. In the Arkona Basin the oxygen situation had improved since the last cruise in September, the whole water column was again well oxygenated.

The nutrients DIN and DIP were generally depleted in the surface water which is normal at this time of year. Surface concentrations of silicate were still highly elevated in the whole southern parts of the Baltic Proper.