Algae report number 9, 2017

Type: Report
Author: Ann-Turi Skjevik


Due to rough weather conditions and technical problems onboard the M/V Aura, which replaces the R/V Aranda, several stations could not be visited during the October cruise. This is also why as many chlorophyll diagrams are missing.

The species diversity was high in the Kattegat phytoplankton samples. Diatom species were numerous and the cell numbers of the potentially harmful genus Pseudo-nitzschia* were high. The naked stage of the flagellate Dictyocha spp, which may be harmful to fish, was observed in the Kattegat samples and at Släggö in the Skagerrak in low cell numbers. The chlorophyll concentrations were high in the Sound and at P2 in the Skagerrak, at all other stations the concentrations were normal for this month.

The Baltic Sea samples typically had small species in low abundancies. Several different genera of small cyanobacteria were present.