Algae report number 7, 2018

Type: Report
Author: Ann-Turi Skjevik


The species diversity was fairly high in the Kattegat and at Släggö at the Skagerrak coast. The total cell numbers were low and the most numerous species were the dinoflagellate Prorocentrum compressum and the diatom Pseudosolenia calcar-avis. The coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi was present in the Kattegat and was found in somewhat higher cell numbers in the Skagerrak samples. The potentially toxic dinoflagellate Azadinium spp was found in the Skagerrak where the National food agency`s toxin samples also had azaspiracids in them this week. In the Baltic Sea the phytoplankton diversity was generally low with mostly small species in low cell numbers. The integrated chlorophyll concentrations from 0-20 meters (diagrams) were normal for this month at all stations. From 0-10 meters (map) however the integrated concentrations were below one standard deviation at N14 at Anholt E in the Kattegat as well as in the Eastern Gotland Basin and in the Kalmar Sound.