Algae report number 11, 2021

Type: Report
Author: Marie Johansen


The species diversity was high at most stations along the west coast. The total cell numbers varied but quite many stations had low numbers. Diatoms dominated in the samples but the order Dictyocales including the species Octactis speculum was common. The coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi was found in moderate cell numbers at all stations. The integrated chlorophyll concentrations were generally within normal for this month in the Skagerrak. In the Kattegat they were also within normal for the month except at Anholt E where they were a bit lower than normal. The total cell numbers and biodiversity were low at all the Baltic Proper phytoplankton stations which is not unusual for this month. At the northern stations large centric diatoms dominated. At the south eastern station BY2, closest to the west coast, several species normally found along the west coast were recorded. For example the diatom Pseudosolenia calcar-avis was found in relatively high cell numbers. The integrated chlorophyll concentrations were higher than normal at the northern stations. The southern stations generally had concentrations within normal for this month.