Algae report number 10, 2022

Type: Report
Author: Ann-Turi Skjevik


The phytoplankton diversity was very low. The number of species at Släggö was somewhat enhanced compared to the other Skagerrak and Kattegat stations, but the total cell numbers were low in the entire area. At Släggö, moderate cell numbers of the silicate flagellate Octactis speculum and its naked form, Dictyochales* were found. Dictyochales* are potentially toxic. Another toxic genus, Pseudochattonella*, was also observed at Släggö in very low cell numbers.
The number of species and total cell numbers were low in the Baltic area as well. Low amounts of the filamentous cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon flosaquae were found in the southeastern parts at BY2 and BY5. Mainly small species were observed.
The integrated chlorophyll concentrations from 0-20 m (diagrams) were normal for this month. Those integrated from 0-10 m (map) were mostly normal, only BY4 and Hanö Bight were above normal for this month.
Due to the very low phytoplankton activity this month, no further text is presented from the individual stations in this report, only species lists and chlorophyll diagrams.