Model calculations of dispersion of lindane over Europe. Pilot study with comparisons to easurements around the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat.

Type: Report
Series: RMK 68
Author: Persson, Christer and Ullerstig, Anders


A pilot project is presented, where the dispersion model MATCH is tested for studies of dispersion and deposition of lindane (y-HCH) over Europe. Comparisons between rough model calculations and long-term measurements at stations around the Baltic Sea indicate a positive correlation both for concentration in air and for wet deposition, but the model results are a factor of 3-10 larger than the measurements. The MATCH model simulations seem to agree better with observations from the Swedish West-coast and North Sea areas. Since the model calculations in this pilot project are performed in a very simplified way we cannot exclude that uncertainties in our calculations can cause the detected differences. However, we think that also emission data, especially for Sweden and Finland, and the respresentativity of measurements should be investigated further in a future study.