MATCH-SALSA Multi-scale Atmospheric Transport and CHemistry model coupled to the SALSA aerosol microphysics model

Type: Report
Series: RMK 115
Author: Camilla Andersson, Robert Bergström, Cecilia Bennet, Manu Thomas, Lennart Robertson, SMHI. Harri Kokkola, Hannele Korhonen and Kari Lehtinen. FMI


This report presents a new aerosol dynamics version of a European scale Eulerian CTM, MATCH. The new model is called MATCH-SALSA, and includes aerosol microphysics and several options for nucleation, wet scavenging and condensation. The report entails model description, evaluation and sensitivity tests. The new model reproduces observed higher particle number concentration (PNC) in central Europe and lower in remote regions. The model peak PNC occurs at the same particle size as the observed peak or at smaller sizes, which indicate missing growth. Total PNC is underestimated at some sites. The model performs well for particle mass, including SIA components. EC and OC are underestimated at many of the sites. The results are sensitive to the fraction of SOx emitted as H2SO4 and the optimum choice is site dependent. The model results are highly sensitive to whether organic nucleation is included or not. The model results are sensitive to amount of organic vapors in the condensation. The model can be used in applications knowing the restrictions of what the model manages well and what needs further improvements, which is detailed in the report.