Cruise report from R/V Franklin week 14, 2011

Type: Report
Author: Bengt Yhlen


Surface water temperatures were normal in the Skagerrak and Kattegat but somewhat below normal in the Baltic. Spring bloom was over in the central parts of Skagerrak, in Kattegat and in the Arkona Basin and surface nutrient concentrations were low. In the reminder of the Baltic bloom was in its infancy. The bottom water of the Arkona Basin was well oxygenated with concentrations exceeding 7.6 ml/l. At the bottom of the Bornholm Deep there was a thin layer of new water with an oxygen content of 4.8 ml/l. In the remaining parts of the Baltic, oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were present at depths exceeding 60-75 metres. Hydrogen sulphide was found deeper than 80 to 100 metres in the western- and deeper than 125 to 145 metres in the eastern Gotland Basins. The next expedition is not scheduled due to absence of research vessel.