Cruise report from R/V Argos week 9-11, 2005

Type: Report
Author: Hans Olsson


Hydrographic conditions in the greater part of the Hanö Bight, the Northern Bornholm Basin , around the Midsjö Banks and east of Öland were favourable for cod and no oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were recorded. Below 70 to 95 metres depth, both west and east of Gotland, oxygen concentrations were below 2 ml/l. Hydrogen Sulphide was not found at any station. The visited frequent stations, BY13, BY38, BY4 and BY5 in the Baltic Proper measured very high surface phosphate and silicate concentrations, while levels of nitrogen compounds were normal. At the frequent visited station Anholt E in the Kattegatt, the spring bloom was at the end and the nutrient concentrations were very low.