Cruise report from R/V Argos week 49-50, 1998

Type: Report
Author: Bodil Thorstensson


The weather during the expedition started with strong winds from the north. Then the weather was calm and sunny. The last day again there was windy weather. The winds came from southeast. The surface water temperatures were between 4.6 and 6.4°C in the Baltic, between 1.8-2.8°C in the Sound and in the Kattegat and between 3.1-5.5°C in the Skagerrak. Oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were found at 70 m or deeper in the southeastern Baltic, in the Bornholm Basin and Hanö Bight, at 80 m or deeper in the East Gotland Basin and at the Karlsö Deep. Hydrogen sulphide was present from 150m in the East Gotland Basin, from 80m in the Bornholm Basin and in the Hanö Bight at 79 m. The bottom water had 50% oxygen saturation in the station W Landskrona. In the Baltic surface water the phosphate concentrations were between 0.30-0.45 μmol/l and the nitrate concentrations were of the level 2.0-2.9 μmol/l. The nitrate values of the Kattegat and the Sound were between 3.7-5.1 μmol/l and those of the Skagerrak were between 4.6-5.8 μmol/l.