Cruise report from R/V Argos week 47-48, 2006

Type: Report
Author: Lars Andersson


Western Gotland Basin: Oxygen conditions at the bottom were bad. Concentrations below 2 ml/l were found deeper than 50 to 70 metres. Hydrogen sulphide was recorded from depth of 80 meters in general, but locally already from 70 meters. Eastern Gotland Basin (western part): Oxygen levels below 2 ml/l were found from 60 to 70 metres and deeper. Hydrogen sulphide was detected at depths exceeding 90 to 100 meters in an area between Fårö and Gotska Sandön. Bornholm Basin: Oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were found at depths exceeding 65 to 70 metres and concentrations below 1 ml/l were found at deeper than 75 to 80 metres. No hydrogen sulphide was detected in this area.