Cruise report from R/V Argos week 4-6, 2002

Type: Report
Author: Bengt Yhlen


Increased nitrate and silicate concentrations of southern North Sea origin, 20 and 13 μmol/ respectively, were recorded in the Jutland current. In the Kattegatt the spring bloom had just began in patches. The lowest oxygen concentration measured in the bottom water of Skagerrak was 4.91 ml/l at Släggö in the entrance of the Gullmar Fjord and 5.30 ml/l at Skälderviken in the south-eastern Kattegatt, both corresponding to a degree of saturation of 73%. At the visited freqvent stations, Släggö and P2 in the Skagerrak and Fladen and Anholt E in the Kattegatt sea surface temperatur, salinity and nutrient concentrations as well as oxygen amounts in the bottom water were normal for the season.