Cruise report from R/V Argos week 34, 2009

Type: Report
Author: Arne Svensson, Martin Hansson


The nutrient concentrations in the surface water were normal throughout the monitored area, with the exception of elevated phosphate oncentrations in the Arkona Basin and silicate concentrations slightly above normal in the western and eastern Gotland Basin. In the southeast Baltic Proper and in the western Arkona Basin the oxygen concentrations were lower than normal. Elsewhere in the Baltic Proper oxygen concentration below 2 ml/l were found at depths exceeding 60-70 meters. Hydrogen Sulphide was found in the western Gotland Basin at depth greater than 80 meters while in the eastern Gotland Basin at depths exceeding 125 meters. In the Bornholm Basin and in the Hanö Bight hydrogen sulphide was found in the bottom water.