Cruise report from KBV 001 Poseidon week 28, 2011

Type: Report
Author: Anna-Kerstin Thell


In the Skagerrak and the Kattegat surface water temperatures showed levels above normal and surface salinities showed levels below normal. Surface water temperatures as well as surface salinities were at normal levels for the season in the Baltic Proper. Surface nutrient concentrations were normal in most areas, with the exception of silicate that showed levels above normal levels in the Skagerrak and the Kattegat and levels below normal in the main part of the Baltic Proper. Oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were found at depths exceeding 60-80 metres in the Baltic Proper. Hydrogen sulphide was found in the Eastern - and Western Gotland Basins and in some part of the Hanö Bight. Blooms of cyanobacteria in the surface layer took place in part of the Baltic Proper.