Algae report number 10, 2012

Type: Report
Author: Malin Mohlin


A new agreement with the Swedish Coastguard caused a shorter cruise, consequently only the Swedish west coast and parts of the southern Baltic Proper (Arkona and Bornholm Basins) were visited. The species diversity was low and the cell density was high in the Skagerrak, small flagellates and cryptomonads were dominating this area. In the Kattegat area both species diversity and cell densities were high, species from the dinoflagellate genus Ceratium and diatom genus Thallassiosira were dominating among the larger cells. The Arkona and Bornholm Basins were dominated by small flagellates, cryptomonads, the ciliate Mesodinium rubrum and species from the class Craspedophyceae. The integrated (0-20 m) chlorophyll a concentrations were within normal in all areas visited.