Positive response after SMHI’s meteorology course in Ireland

During the spring SMHI had been engaged from Met Éireann to hold a training course in meteorological. Now that the two-week course has been delivered, the Irish participants gave positive feedbacks of the collaboration with SMHI.

At the end of May two of SMHI’s expert meteorologists held the first part of a training course at Met Éireann headquarter in Dublin. The focus of the course has been to boost the competences of the Irish participants – mainly hydrology and engineering – in meteorological forecasting. This made SMHI’s expertise in the field extremely valuable.

Annika håller kurs
Annika Hjelmsten, meteorological forecaster at SMHI, tells about meteorology during the visit to Met Éireann in Ireland.

The following part of the course took place in the middle of June, when the Irish delegation came to visit SMHI in Norrköping.

På plats i Irland
Jalle Hiltunen at the left and Annika Hjelmsten fråm SMHI to the right along with the Irish colleagues outside Met Éireann.

– During their permanence in Norrköping, the course participants could experience the daily working life of our meteorological and hydrological forecasters. They also got to know more about Swedish traditions and the celebrations of Midsummer. In designing the course, we tried to follow an approach that would be in line with the Practical Meteorology program and the participants were very pleased with the combination of theory and practical exercises. It was a lovely and happy gang that created both commitment and laughs, says Jalle Hiltunen who was one of the meteorological forecaster that held the course.

SMHI’s expertise were vital for the success of the course

On overall the course shows the quality and reliability of SMHI’s competence in meteorology, hydrology, climatology and oceanography.

På plats i Norrköping
The Irish colleagues outside SMHI.

– The course has been much appreciated and got a good start in Ireland before the week in Sweden. The participants acknowledged expertise and competences of the course leaders and their ability to well balance theory and practical sessions, explains Annika Hjelmsten, meteorological forecaster at SMHI who also held the course.