SMHI has been commissioned by Met Éireann to hold a course in meteorology

Met Éireann – The Irish Meteorological Service – has hired SMHI to hold a course and help the Irish hydro- meteorologists to boost their knowledge in meteorological forecasting, which makes SMHIs expertise knowledgeable.

The Irish Meteorological Service is in the process of establishing a Flood Forecasting Center. To this end, they have recently hired four new hydro-meteorologists with competences in hydrology, modelling and engineering. They are in the need of a training course in introduction meteorology to attain a fundamental understanding of operational meteorology. For this reason, they have requested support from SMHI for the implementation of a two-week introductory course in meteorology.

SMHI holds the course in Ireland

Two of SMHIs experienced meteorologists will travel to Dublin at the end of May to hold the first part of the course at Met Éireann’s headquarter in Dublin. The second part of the course will be hosted in the middle of June, when the Irish delegation will visit SMHI in Norrköping.

The course has been customized to Met Éireann’s needs and it will give a thorough knowledge of meteorology comprising weather, observations, remote sensing and understanding of different forecast models. Marine meteorology, climate and hydrometeorology will also be covered in the program later in the course. The course is expected to give a good basis of meteorology needed for the work in the Irish Flood Forecasting Center.

– While they will be in visit, the course participants will experience how a working day of our forecast meteorologists looks like. Maybe there will still be remains of spring floods in the northernmost mountains so we can hope for a pleasant midsummer with exciting weather challenges so that they can participate in interesting forecast assessments when they are in Norrköping, says Sten Lindell, Head of Business Department of Society and Building Environment, SMHI.