New webinar series about the weather forecasts that affect your powermarket

Welcome to a series of free webinars put together with our partner Energy Quantified, a company that provides forecasts of prices and fundamentals alongside curated datasets for all major European powermarkets. The series of webinars are created to keep you up to speed with weather and forecasts.

The connection between weather and the power market fundamentals is getting increasingly complicated, and keeping track of alternative weather models can get tricky.

Together with our partner Energy Quantified, we bring you a webinar series to refresh your knowledge of weather and forecasts.

These sessions are designed for all power professionals, newcomers, and seasoned, who could benefit from a refresher course.

We will start with a series of 4 webinars, each for 15 minutes, enough to give you a deeper understanding of the weather-dependent decisions you make every day.  These sessions will work as a stepping stone for the new and exciting webinars we have in the works for 2022.

These short, but informative webinars are FREE and hosted by SMHI weather professionals.

Save the dates!

Four Fridays: 19 November - 10 December

11:00-11:15 CET

What you will learn:

  • The very foundations of weather that evolve around your everyday work               
  • Understand how models predict weather
  • When to rely on weather models and when not to
  • Have you heard of teleconnections?

Topics and speakers

What is weather and how does it work?

Friday, 19 November at 11:00-11:15

Presented by: Hanna Rönnberg Meteorologist, SMHI

Weather models, predicting our future on a daily basis, but how?

Friday, 26 November at 11:00-11:15

Presented by: Fredrik Cronvall meteorologist, SMHI

Teleconnections, the heavyweights that control our weather

Friday, 3 December at 11:00-11:15

Presented by: Bromwel Apondi Meteorologist, SMHI

When to rely on weather models and when not to - alternatives and uncertainties

Friday, 10 December at 11:00-11:15

Presenter: Torbjörn Simann Meteorologist, SMHI