Bilateral collaboration in Chile

Air environment

SMHI has been working with a pilot project during the years 2013-2014 in Osorno, a town in the south of Chile. The aim was to develop a method of quantifying emissions of particles and their impact in towns in the south of Chile, where wood is burned for domestic heating.

SMHI's advice has helped the Chilean ministry to better understand and deal with the problems of wood burning in the south of Chile. Legislation on maximum permitted particle emissions from new wood burning stoves has now been introduced. SMHI has participated in the assessment of expected effects of the legislation in the town of Osorno.

Report from the air environment project in Osorno, southern Chile (2.9 MB, pdf)

SMHI has also carried out three seminars on air pollution issues and short-lived climate pollutants in Chile in the years 2013 and 2014.